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Canada International Dance Culture Association (CIDCA) is a non-profit
organization that seeks to connect the diverse people of Canada and around
the globe through the world of dance. Our goal is to create platforms from
which dance enthusiasts of various backgrounds can come together to
showcase their talents and heritage while celebrating this beautiful art form

with their fellow dancers and audience.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to create a platform for multicultural youth dancers to ethnology-racially represent and share their talents and heritage while inspiring others to improve personal and collective well-being. The Board of Directors, consisting of Asian and African professional dance artists, has been working to connect and engage Asian and African children in their cultural dance learning. Every year, our organization hosts the Canada International Youth Dance Festival in downtown Toronto as a multicultural platform to empower Asian and African children to showcase with other children to not only appreciate their cultural identity but also to build a stronger sense of social cohesion. The Board has been facing and observing systemic racism and unconscious biases to racialized Asian and African immigrants. Therefore, our organization aims to develop programs and events to stimulate youth's power to break the cycle of racism and build a better and fairer future by using art to inspire others.

We believe everyone can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.


The youth dance festival brings together more than 100 ethnic groups to celebrate with each other, learn from each other and build friendship between each other.

Large Scale/ International

The only dance event that connects youth across the world. In the past years, we havesuccessfully invited more than 100 youth dancers from outside of Canada to participate inthe dance showcase. Due to the circumstances we are unable to extend the invite globallyand therefore the competition will be strictly for Ontarians. However, we hope in the nearfuture we can open the competition up to the entire globe.

Youth Focus

Canada International Youth Dance Festival is the one and only festival focusing on youth in Canada. The goal is to draw attention to youth talents around the world.

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